How to Combat Your Online Critics!

Following on from his recent article on handling customer complaints effectively, Professor Martin now opens up another Business Clinic session to tackle an altogether more modern offshoot from this timeless problem – the online critics!
Nowadays, it seems that everyone’s a critic, and wounding negative comments about your small business can be typed out in seconds and put on display for the whole world to see!
So, what are the best methods for dealing with online negativity and criticism? Do we try and be sensible and rational with these people, hoping that they’ll eventually change their minds and be nice to us? Or do we offer to meet up with them in the nearest convenient pub carpark, and then threaten to poke their eyes out with a big stick?
Professor Martin grabs a red hot poker (just in case) and goes out into the internet wilderness in search of those pesky Trolls….

Here at the Business Clinic, we’ve had a lot of interesting feedback from my recent article on How to Handle Customer Complaints and Criticism Effectively.

Nigel, my increasingly strange lab assistant, has been kept very busy opening up and responding to all your letters, queries, suggestions, and offers of large sums of money if we just go away and stop bothering you with all this nonsense.

One particular question that kept cropping up regularly in our Business Clinic Postbag was “What am I supposed to do when somebody posts negative comments about my business on the internet?”

It’s certainly a very contemporary problem that every cutting-edge entrepreneur should know how to deal with.

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How To Handle Customer Complaints
and Criticism Effectively

It’s never a particularly pleasant experience to be at the receiving end of a customer complaint. 

We’ve all been there in one way or another, and it can often prove to be a spirit-crushing encounter that makes us all want to just sell up shop and go and live a simpler life in the mountains.

But what’s the most effective way of handling customer complaints and criticism? Can we actually learn to take something positive from the experience? Or is it better just to blow a raspberry at these ungrateful swines, and ask them to shut the door on their way out?

Professor Martin opens up another Business Clinic to search for the truth, and finally reveals the definitive answer to that eternal question ‘Is The Customer Always Right?’…..


It’s been an incredibly busy week here in the Business Clinic.

Well, I say busy…….Nigel, my lab assistant, got his finger caught in the mousetrap again. It took half of the week to prise his finger from the wretched mechanical contraption, and the other half of the week to quieten down his dramatic wailing and sobbing.

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