How a Smart Mumpreneur Nailed a Polished Pitch to Hit This Project Funding Goal!

Here's an encourgaing Crowdfunding success story for Australian Small Business! But will the finances be as messy as the product?Regular readers of the Martin Print Blog should recall a very recent article which served as an introduction to the rising Crowdfunding trend.
The article certainly sparked a wave of interest from business owners and developers keen to hear more about this increasingly popular platform for fundraising your next exciting business project without having to visit the bank.

If you missed the post (where have you been?!) or you’ve had your memory wiped by aliens since then (fair enough, happens to me all the time), then you can check out the brief introduction to the snowballing Crowdfunding phenomenon right here.

Following on from this, here’s another recent Crowdfunding success story which I’d love to share, as it’s a perfect example of how a cracking Australian Small Business has really taken advantage of this new people-powered strategy for raising that crucial finance.

As this particular tale involves small children, face paint, and nail polish, I’ll warn you now that this could get very messy…

Pure Poppet is a small Australian brand dedicated to creating a range of natural makeup and face paint for small children with very big imaginations!
The business was founded by Head Poppet and proud Mumpreneur Georga Holdich, whose own two children have always loved to dress up and step into the shoes of new characters.

When Georga discovered that it was almost impossible to find an Australian produced range of fun makeup items which were aimed at children and made with natural, non-toxic ingredients, she decided that the only way to make it happen was to launch such a business herself!

Since then, the range has started to take off in a big way, as fidgety parents can now finally relax and actually allow the kids to play with makeup and face paint without having to worry about the long list of toxic ingredients that usually pop up in the adult variety.

Recently, Georga decided that it would be a terrific idea to add a new water-based, non-toxic Nail Polish to the Pure Poppet range.
However, the financing of this new project could well prove to be a pretty tricky prospect…

Pure Poppet create natural makeup and face paint for children, produced in Australia with no toxic ingredients. But how was their new Nail Polish project going to raise the crucial funding?But, first things first.
Why was it so important to launch a new range of Nail Polish for children in the first place?

“Kids love colouring their fingers and toes,” explains Georga.
“But a lot of the adult polishes available are solvent based, using quite toxic ingredients.
As you may be aware if you have kids or know any, they tend to put their fingers in their mouths quite a lot!
So if you’re putting polished pinkies into your mouth, you want to make sure you’ve coloured them with something safe!”

Naturally, (well, very naturally in fact), the smart Mumpreneurial concept behind this potential new range of child-friendly Nail Polish sounded like a winner.
But it looked as if it was going to be a pretty expensive project to get off the ground.

In the budget breakdown, it was estimated that Pure Poppet would need approximately $10,000 to meet the minimum quantities required by the supplier.
On top of this, they would also need around $2,000 for packaging and branding development, and a further $3,000 for marketing and promotion of the range when the new product was ready to go.

So, where was this crucial $15,000 going to come from?

This new range of natural Nail Polish for children can now be pre-ordered from the Pure Poppet website - and it's all thanks to the rising trend of Crowdfunding!Georga eventually decided to turn to Pozible, Australia’s biggest Crowdfunding platform, in a bid to encourage financial pledges from the online community in exchange for special little Pure Poppet perks and rewards.

The endearing video promotional pitch can be viewed right at the bottom of this post – and of course, Pure Poppet made sure that the word was well and truly spread right across every relevant Social Media channel and community.

I’m delighted to report that this fundraising project on Pozible not only achieved its ambitious $15,000 target goal – it actually exceeded all expectations, eventually raising an impressive grand total of $16, 365.

No bank loans were involved. No debts. No investors angling to get their own fingers in the pie.
Just an enthusiastic online campaign which attracted the perfect fundraising crowd.

The clever Reward system has ensured that all of these proud backers have effectively ‘pre-ordered’ their own Nail Polishes, and some of the higher pledges will have picked up a few extra special perks along the way.

And thanks to this keen support for a well-crafted campaign, Pure Poppet now has the financial resources to get this new product rolling into production!

Claim your FREE Gossy Stickers and Fridge Magnets at Martin Print!“I want to thank all of our supporters who have made our dream come true,” says Georga.
“We’ve been working on this project and the product development for the past 12 months, and it’s now a reality.
I am overwhelmed by the support received – some of it from complete strangers who just want to see our project be successful. How great is that!
Many of our customers’ children have skin allergies like eczema, and they could never use play-makeup and face paint due to the reactions they received. But they’re so happy now as they can use Pure Poppet safely – and now they can also join in the fun of painting their nails and toes safely!”

The project has certainly turned out to be another encouraging Crowdfunding success story for Australian Small Business.
It also demonstrates how the key ingredients to a triumphant Crowdfunding campaign are pure passion and engagement.

The video pitch below is clearly a very simple home-made effort which would have cost almost nothing to produce – yet the winning charm of this basic video, coupled with a strong determination to spread the message right across Social Media, has generated incredible results for everyone concerned.
Particularly the kids who wanted to paint their nails…

So, would you consider launching your next business project on a popular Crowdfunding platform such as Pozible or Kickstarter?
Could your next thrilling venture end up getting powered by the people?
If Crowdfunding really is the future of business fundraising, then nothing is Impozible…

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How a Smart Mumpreneur Nailed a Polished Pitch to Hit This Project Funding Goal!

  1. Thanks for your support. Yes – everybody needs to remember that not everything is as impozible as it first seems! Our polish product will hopefully be ready to launch in a month.

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