Why Every Home Office Business Should Be Working in the Nude on Friday!

Friday 7th December is National Work In The Nude Day for Australian Micro Business Owners! Will you be joining in the celebrations?What’s the best thing about running your own business from home?

Total flexibility and more control over your lifestyle choices?

Not having a boss breathing down your neck every five minutes and telling you when you can and can’t have holidays?

Being able to stroke the cat whilst you work at your desk, or having the confidence to leave the room without the risk of somebody ‘accidentally’ stealing your sandwiches?
Perhaps…but I’m not totally convinced yet.

What about having the unique opportunity to work in the nude whenever you like?
BAM! That’s it! I knew we’d get there eventually.

Before you start thinking that I’ve finally gone and lost the plot completely, I should quickly explain that none of this was my idea. Honest.

In fact, Work In The Nude Day is a light-hearted event dreamed up by the brilliant minds of the Flying Solo micro business community, and aimed squarely at the Aussie Entrepreneur with a home office.
On Friday 7th December, you are invited to strip off and join in the nationwide celebrations of working for yourself in the comfort of your own home.
After all, in which other work environment would you get away with wearing nothing but your birthday suit? (Answers on a postcard, please…)

Don’t worry, you don’t have to get naked to join in the spirit of the event (although Flying Solo are giving away a prize for the most popular photograph posted on the special Facebook Event page – more details below!)

Friday 7th December is National Work In The Nude Day for Aussie Home Office Business owners! Will you be joining in the celebrations?Work In The Nude Day is simply a fun way of celebrating the unique freedoms of working from home, and the comforting knowledge that you could strip off if you really wanted to!

There are a number of ways to join in the fun and pledge your support to the event. You can get started right away by signing up to the Work In The Nude Day Facebook Event Page, and choosing just how you’re going to get involved!

According to Flying Solo, you can either;

Wear Your Birthday Suit!
Simply strip off and get down to business as usual! Even if only for an hour or two. This is freedom in its purest form. Enjoy it – because only people who work from home can!

Wear Whatever The Heck You Want!
The beauty of working from home is that you can wear anything you like – be it your slippers or your Superman costume (everyone has one of those, right?).
Redefine “dressed for success!”

Tell Everyone You Know!
On Friday 7 December you are granted full soloist bragging rights. This is your chance to tell your friends just how free you are as a home-based micro business owner.
Get spreading the word on social media with your own creative status updates and tweets, or use some of the templates provided for you on the Work In The Nude Day Facebook Event page!

Claim your FREE Gossy Stickers and Fridge Magnets at Martin Print!You can also upload your own (tasteful!) photographs to the Event Page, showing exactly how you’re joining in the big celebrations.
The photograph that attracts the most LIKES from Facebook fans will win a one-year Business Class Membership with the Flying Solo Micro Business Community!

Although Martin Print doesn’t really qualify as a home office business, the team were still very keen to enter the competition and show our support for the event.
Unfortunately, the hired photographer ran screaming out of Martin Print H.Q as soon as Old Bert started to take off his greasy overalls…

But whether you choose to work bare-skinned or in your PJs on the big day, just make sure that you let everyone know about your free and flexible lifestyle!

Here’s a final message of encouragement from the Flying Solo team.

“Forget the business suit and noose. Wear your birthday suit and hang loose!”



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