Revealed! The Top 10 Most Over-Used Words in Aussie Business Profiles

Are your buzzwords sending readers to sleep? Here are the most commonly over-used words to pop up in Aussie business profiles...Are you a highly motivated and creative individual with great communication skills and extensive experience in your field?

You are?  Terrific!
Hang on though, there’s a slight problem.
It seems that everybody else in Australia shares those exact same qualities…

We might just need to re-think the way in which we describe our greatest strengths of all…

LinkedIn have recently revealed a list of the 10 most over-used buzzwords which users are perhaps a little too quick to include in their profiles on the business networking site.

Results were individually compiled from countries right across the globe, and the final report makes for a pretty interesting little read.

Of course, many of these profiles are created by users with thoughts of gaining new employment in mind. In a sense, they’re composing an online CV which they hope will capture the attention of a potential new employer.

But that’s clearly not the whole story.
LinkedIn is also the world’s largest business network, giving members the opportunity to connect with other businesses and contacts, to exchange knowledge and ideas, perhaps even to forge lucrative new partnerships.

So, these frequently used and very popular words may pop up in our profiles – and indeed our business marketing – for all kinds of reasons, as we strive to describe those unique qualities and strengths that will hopefully attract valuable new contacts and connections with our business.
It’s just a shame that these powerful words don’t seem to be quite as unique as we may have imagined…

Here’s the full Top Ten List of those Over-Used Aussie Buzzwords which, according to LinkedIn, are cropping up in far too many business networking profiles…

What exactly is the problem with these boring buzzwords that litter up so much crucial content? Should we avoid using them altogether?1. Creative
2. Effective
3. Motivated
4. Extensive experience
5. Track record
6. Innovative
7. Responsible
8. Analytical
9. Communication skills
10. Positive


Some of those words seem quite reasonable to me.
I’ve always been a big fan of words like ‘creative’ and ‘innovative’, but it would sadly appear that using these words to describe yourself is neither creative nor innovative!

So, are we supposed to suddenly stop using all these Buzzwords and dream up some more original alternatives instead?

Well, I’m certainly not proposing a blanket ban on all the words that make this list.
Some of these words are far too useful to be thrown away into a Buzzword Bin of Shame!

But it could perhaps be argued that going overboard with such generic and common words as these may not be doing you any huge favours in the long term.
The real problem with using these Buzzwords so frequently is that they’re far too vague and fuzzy.
If we’re honest, they’re not really saying very much at all.

Claim your FREE Gossy Stickers and Fridge Magnets at Martin Print!Your audience are far more likely to be interested in strong and clear detail instead of hazy loose concepts.
By all means, keep on using words like ‘creative’ and ‘innovative’ when promoting the qualities of yourself or your business – I certainly intend to! – but make sure that these words are backed up with compelling evidence which illustrates the message that you’re trying to get across.

A business profile or even a slice of marketing content that is cluttered full of slightly hollow Buzzwords and very little else is unlikely to cut the mustard.
Your readers would much rather see the hard facts and the unique detail that really sets you apart from your rivals…

Of course, we could always just consult the Thesaurus, and pick out some suitable alternative words which might be far less common and boring.

Perhaps it’s time for us to get just a little bit more creative with our Buzzwords.
No, not creative. I meant innovative.
No, hang on, not innovative, I meant…aaaaargh!


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