How One Entrepreneur is Delivering Truly Exceptional
Academic Opportunities from the Gold Coast!

Monique Jeremiah from Exceptional Group.For our latest Martin Print Case Study, we catch up with Monique Jeremiah, founder and owner of Exceptional Group – a cracking new company operating from the Gold Coast, and dedicated to delivering tuition, training, and employment opportunities to the undergrads and college students of Australia.
As we chat to Monique over a slice of toast and a frothy coffee, we learn that the future’s looking exceptionally bright, and that there are some very big plans just around the corner……


“Do what you love!” says Monique Jeremiah, the entrepreneurial driving force behind Exceptional Group.

In Monique’s case, this bit of inspirational advice couldn’t be more appropriate.
Monique is genuinely passionate about helping others achieve the very best results both academically and professionally.
Exceptional Group was formed to give individuals and businesses a genuine competitive advantage, by helping them achieve exceptional grades, exceptional training, exceptional skills, and exceptional opportunities in business.

The ‘group’ in the title relates to future plans rather than current operational activities. At the moment, the group consists solely of one core component – Exceptional Tuition and Resumés , which helps deliver successful results in individual academic tuition, training course writing and resume writing.

However, there are strong plans firmly in place for the group to expand in the very near future, with the creation of two new group assets – Exceptional Training and Exceptional Graduate Recruitment.

It certainly looks as if this is one exceptional story which is just going to get bigger and bigger…..but where did it all start?
“In 2008, I commenced my first business Inspire Tuition,” Monique explains. “I was in my final year of university, and I’d always had a passion for education and business.”

Exceptional Group - delivering exceptional opportunities!“I always wanted to become an entrepreneur as I was always uniquely ambitious, unafraid of taking chances, and was confident in my abilities to make strong decisions.

“Additionally, I loved helping others to achieve great academic results!
“Two years later as the business grew and I developed an interest in employment, I commenced my current businesses of Exceptional Tuition and Resumes and Exceptional Group to pursue my highest interests in growing a strong education and employment business aimed at helping young people to achieve exceptional results.”

I asked Monique if she had received any special guidance or assistance of any kind during her remarkable Small Business journey? I was more than a little surprised by the answer!
“Throughout the past 3 years in business, I have received no financial or mentoring assistance from anyone,” she replied, firmly.
“I have completely relied on myself to develop the business as I simply rely on my own instinct and logic to guide my decisions and actions.
“I also engage heavily and directly with my clients to understand their needs and then do whatever it takes to make them happy.
“I genuinely enjoy educating myself through general observation of past successes, immersing myself regularly in business magazines and videos, just staying fully connected in the industry.”


Exceptional Group - delivering exceptional opportunities!Exactly how tough was starting up a Small Business? Did Monique find it more difficult than she may have originally envisaged?

“Starting and growing my businesses has actually been more exciting than difficult!
“I have no fear of pushing the boundaries and working hard. I also see making mistakes simply as an opportunity to become wiser in business.”

This is just another example of Monique’s refreshing attitude to business and to life. It’s sometimes easy to forget that these words of informed wisdom are coming from such a young entrepreneur!

Aged just 24, Monique is also in a unique position to really connect with her clients, as she’s often in the same age bracket as the university undergrads and college students who are seeking a positive boost in their grades, business acumen, or a completely polished resume.

Monique’s valued expertise and passion for education helps her really get to grips with the needs of her clients, and she often develops her own products and services to meet these individual needs.

Register for your Free Sample Pack!With the Exceptional Group all set for huge expansion later this year as two brand new businesses are being developed and poised to become part of the group, how does Monique see the future?

“I’m currently developing my next businesses – Exceptional Training and Exceptional Graduate Recruitment – as I love business training and want to help young people to achieve great business careers and inspiring entrepreneurs to achieve their business goals.

“Once all three Exceptional Group businesses are fully established, I wish to open an office in every state of Australia or franchise the business and make Exceptional Group a household name in the education and employment industry.”

Ambitious plans perhaps, but it seems as if Monique just might have the business expertise and focused drive to really pull this off.

I rounded off the interview by asking Monique if she had any advice or pearls of wisdom for upcoming keen entrepreneurs?
“Be confident in all of your abilities,” she replies. “Recognise opportunities and pursue them full heartedly. Be kind and appreciate everyone you deal with in business and in your personal life.
“Understand that passion and persistence are the keys to success!”

Here at Martin Print, we wish Monique (and indeed her many clients!) every success for the future.

I bet you’re expecting me to round off this article with another playful use of the word ‘exceptional’, aren’t you?
That’s how a typical writer would conclude an article that has already managed to mention the word ‘exceptional’ a whopping 21 times already (22 if you count that one.)

But not me. I’m not going to go down that path, it’s far too obvious. Everybody else would have done it, but not me. I’m proud to be the exception, here.

Wait a minute…..

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How One Entrepreneur is Delivering Truly Exceptional
Academic Opportunities from the Gold Coast!

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