Common mistakes to avoid when crafting a new Logo Design.

Avoid the very common mistakes that could really mess up your business Logo Design.“It’s finished! At last! It’s finally finished!

Tim came barging into Smokey Joe’s Business Bar with a fistful of fresh promotional material and a visible sense of pride and excitement.

Tim’s business team had been working on a new Logo Design for what felt like months or even years.

Some of the fellow business owners down the bar had been secretly taking bets on when exactly Tim’s new logo would be finished.
Others had been taking bets on whether it would ever be finished at all.

Tim’s line of business was supplying accessories for tortoises, so maybe it was fitting in a way that his new logo was destined to become the most slowly-developed design in history.

But now the waiting was over, and a crowd of onlookers gathered round to finally cast their eyes for the first time on the new Logo Design for Tim’s Tortoise Trimmings.

Sadly, there were no gasps of delight or whoops of appreciation.
After a few seconds, everyone made their polite excuses and congregated back round the electronic pub quiz machine to exchange hushed whispers on why the logo was such a disappointment.

Despite the fact that this business logo had been stuck in development hell for so long, the final result was still a massive failure and included a string of very common mistakes which have been ruining potential Logo Designs for far too long now.

A good Logo isn’t just a graphic or a pretty design or a tagline or a memorable picture.
It should be a professionally-crafted personality profile of yourself, your business, your products, or your services.

Here’s where so many amateur attempts go horribly wrong…


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The strangest ever examples of QR Codes in business marketing.

The 12 most bizarre QR Code Fails in business marketing.Have you ever included QR Codes on your marketing materials or product packaging?

How often have you actually scanned a QR Code yourself to reveal extra information on a product or a service?

Those nifty interactive barcodes can certainly divide opinion.
Many business owners are still pulling in benefits by including QR Codes within their promotional designs.

The concept is deliciously simple.
Prospective customers simply point their smartphones at the strangely intriguing graphic to unlock further marketing content and useful information on their phone screens.

On the other hand, some business owners now prefer the ‘invisible’ functionality and bigger flexibility of NFC Marketing which makes use of a tiny microchip embedded into your NFC Business Cards or other marketing product.

Whatever you think of QR Code Marketing, it’s safe to say that we can all have a warm-hearted chuckle when we see frankly bizarre examples of people getting the whole concept disastrously wrong!

Most sensible business owners would usually decide to have their uniquely-created QR Code printed up onto handy static media such as product packaging, business cards, flyers and leaflets, brochures, stationery, or perhaps even drink coasters.
You know; the kind of media that the consumer can comfortably hold and scan with their smartphones.

Naturally, some people like to be a little different….and the final results can be very mixed!

It could be the case that you’re about to see twelve mind-blowing examples of sheer marketing genius which was just way ahead of its time.

Although there’s an outside chance that you just might be about to see the hurried results of some particularly bad board meetings where everybody just wanted to get down to the pub as quickly as they could..

Roll up for some of the strangest and funniest QR Code Promotions that you’re ever likely to see.


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Do your Marketing Emails avoid the Spam Filters?

Quick tips on how to keep your brilliant email campaigns out of the junk folders.

Quick tips on how to keep your brilliant marketing emails out of the Spam Folders.Imagine that your business has come up with one of the best email marketing campaigns of all time.

None of that useless spammy nonsense, of course.
No, you’ve simply crafted an ingenious way of updating your loyal customer base with exciting news which you think will be of genuine interest to them.
Perhaps you’re announcing a special offer, the launch of a brand new product or service, or just something that your clients will find useful or of great value.

So far so good.
But what if a big chunk of your amazing emails end up getting mistaken for spam and thrown straight into the junk folders without ever getting seen by your recipients?

Here are a few quick handy tips to help your future marketing emails find their true destination…

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Pick your winners and losers in these head-to-head contests on Business Cards and more.

Pick your winners and losers in this poll on creative Business Cards, Stationery, Presentation Folders, Bags, Product Packaging and more.Step up and take your seat on the Judging Panel for print and design!

Get ready to cast your vote with a flash of your scorecard, a press of the buzzer, or – let’s be honest, this is the most likely option – a click of your mouse button.

Simply choose your favourite examples of creative custom products in the head-to-head contests below.

Which designs and styles would you have preferred to use for your business marketing?

Of course, taste can be a very personal thing.
I know that Old Bert won’t hear a bad word said about the loud Hawaiian shirts that he likes to wear around the Martin Print office, even when some of the designers start complaining about suffering from temporary blindness every time they pass him in the corridor.

Old Bert just proudly points out that he’s now won the official trophy and title of Best Dressed Caretaker (Aged 85 and over category) for seven years in a row.
I keep meaning to check out his competitors one day, when I’m feeling particularly brave.
The mind boggles.

But how does your own taste and personal preferences compare with other business owners?

Below, I’ve coupled together 12 pairs of marketing products with similar formats but quite different approaches to design.

These head-to-head contests include a selection of Business Cards, Presentation Folders, Stationery, and even Bags.

So, which product from each pairing would get your vote?

Fingers at the ready…


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How to create the perfect ‘About Us’ section for your website or social media profile.


Creating the perfect About page for your business.“So…..tell me a little about yourself. What are your hobbies? What do you like to like to do? What makes you tick? Give me a bit of background. Describe yourself to me…..”

I don’t know about you, but I always find that to be one of the most dreaded and spine-chilling questions that anyone could ever possibly ask.
I’m sure that many of you out there are quite happy to chat freely about yourself and your achievements without any inhibitions at all, and that’s a great gift to be cherished.

But for the rest of us, this kind of perfectly innocent but devilishly probing question can just stop us in dead in our tracks for a minute or two, whether we come across it on some kind of application form, interview, an ice-breaker in a meeting, or even just in a new social situation.

Being asked to describe yourself and quickly sum yourself up in a few quick soundbites just seems to be quite an odd thing to be asked to do. It makes some of us dry up a little bit, almost as if we’d rather they had simply asked us to calculate the weight of the sun, or the latitude of Timbuktu.

Interestingly, this ‘drying up’ often translates over to our web presence, too – in particular, when it comes to filling in the details of our ‘About Us’ page.
We often find ourselves scratching our heads in puzzlement, wondering just what on Earth we are supposed to put in here, exactly.

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Seven quick notes on how to get more people to read YOUR Business Blog.

BETTER BUSINESS BLOGGING: 7 quick notes on how to get more people to read YOUR business blog.Warren Wordsmith started up a brand new Business Blog last month.

With a name like that, you wouldn’t expect him to have too many problems when it comes to composing great Blog content.

Alas, it just happens to be his very unusual name.
He’s actually in the business of selling pet supplies. So at least his first name kind of fits in with that theme.
A bit.

“I’m struggling with this whole Blog thing,” Warren admitted to me during a brief meeting over a fizzy cocktail down at Smokey Joe’s Business Bar.

“I feel as if I’ve got a lot to say, but I don’t think I’ve quite nailed my approach yet. Nobody seems to be reading or interacting with any of the posts I’ve published so far.
“Even that cracking article about dental treatment for rabbits turned out to be a total flop. And it took me ages to write!
“I think I’ll probably just give it up as a bad idea that didn’t work.”

Let’s flick open the pages of Warren’s new Blog, as we consider a few quick helpful notes on growing the readership of your own successful Business Blog…


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Are you learning from brilliant business ideas or are you just trying to copy them?

COPYCAT! Are you learning from brilliant business ideas or are you just trying to copy them?Nobody likes a copycat.

But are you taking true inspiration from the cream of cracking business marketing, or are you simply delivering a weaker imitation?

I know a business owner who goes by the nickname of Tigger.
Last night, he was brave enough to stand up in the middle of Smokey Joe’s Business Bar and make the following insightful announcement;

“I only ever learn from the very best of the very best! I take a promising idea from an experienced professional and I turn it into a genius concept for my own business!”

I suspect that Tigger may have had a few drinks before making this announcement, although I still think he wholeheartedly believed in his own words.

The irony is that less than five minutes earlier, somebody else had stood up in the middle of the bar and said the exact same words to rapturous applause from Smokey Joe’s crowd.
When Tigger had come along shortly afterwards and just copied every single word already spoken, the response from the crowd was more a sense of muted bafflement.

In truth, Tigger doesn’t really learn from others.
He’s just a Copycat who tries to shoehorn other people’s ideas into his own business marketing without stopping to think if they will work or they will fit.

And the problem with a copy is that it’s never quite the same quality as the original…


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10 creative ways to stamp your mark on promotional business material.

IMAGINATIVE INK: 10 creative ways to stamp your mark on promotional business material.Printed business marketing comes in all different shapes, sizes, and formats.

But when you’re holding your own Custom-Designed Stamp in your hand, you suddenly have the power to become even more experimental and adventurous with your choice of materials.

Now you can stamp your mark and your unique business designs onto practically any surface or slice of business content, without having to worry about committing to a big new order from your favourite printing company.

Self-Inking Stamps are becoming increasingly popular with business owners who are seeking a quick and convenient way to stamp their logo and contact details onto a wide range of different materials including envelopes, menus, stationery, cards, tags, packaging, and several billion other surfaces just crying out to be stamped!

Nowadays, it’s become equally convenient to inject healthy dollops of vivid colour into your stamping, thanks to the growing range of high-quality Multi-Colour Self-Inking Stamps.

Meanwhile, advanced Stamping Enthusiasts can use separate ink pads and speciality inks to create some truly stunning effects with Traditional Hand-Style Stamps.

A huge choice of the very best Custom Stamps are now available to order directly from the Martin Print website, and please feel free to drop me a line if you require any specific advice or guidance on choosing the perfect style of Stamp for your business.

Need a little inspiration?
Here are ten of my own favourite examples of Businesses Getting Creative with their Custom Stamp Marketing

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Why you could lose out on BIG results by not setting deadlines in your business marketing.

Why you could lose out on BIG results by not setting deadlines in your business marketing.Hurry! Hurry! Hurry!
You only have the rest of your life to read this Blog article!
Act NOW before it’s too late!

No, wait, that doesn’t quite work, does it?
I think we may possibly require something that creates just a little more urgency…

But are you creating urgency in your own business marketing by setting out clear and genuine deadlines?

There was definitely a degree of urgency in Old Bert’s behaviour today.
He’d just heard that the local Sweet Pastry Shop was offering half-price Banana Nut Muffins until 2pm this afternoon.

Old Bert is not one to miss out on a good bargain.
I’ve never seen him move so fast in all my life.
He raced out of the Martin Print office so quickly that I didn’t get the chance to tell him that the offer was actually running yesterday.
I really don’t think I want to be here when he gets back…

But it’s fair to say that owners of smaller businesses can often have a relaxed attitude to setting deadlines and expiration dates for offers.


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10 incredible Direct Mail Designs that make your mailbox go POP!

10 creative examples of the very best Direct Mail marketing campaigns which generated a buzz for business.When was the last time you received something interesting in the mail?

Yep, I’m sure that at least 90% of your mail is likely to be fairly boring.
It’s hard to drum up too much enthusiasm for bills, invoices, statements, and cheaply produced flyers for the next Neighbourhood Watch Meeting.

But this also means that your own gorgeously-produced slice of Direct Mail is even more likely to leap out and demand attention in the average Aussie mailbox.

There’s certainly more scope to make a lasting impression in a physical bundle of mail.
Most marketing messages are now communicated online, but nobody really gets excited when glancing at that long list of new emails on a screen.
You can’t touch or feel a virtual message in Cyberspace.

However, the very best examples of real physical Direct Mail can make much more of an immediate sensory connection with your recipient.
Your prospective clients can touch it, or perhaps open it, unfold it, run a finger across the glossy surface or embossed text, and just generally interact with your marketing on a physical level.

Old Bert, our resident caretaker, may be the grumpiest and most cynical man on the planet, but even he admits to getting a little bit excited when he’s surprised by something new and different arriving through the letterbox.

He definitely doesn’t get that same feeling when encouraged to click and open an email.
Mind you, in fairness, I don’t think he’s quite figured out how to actually open an email yet, but he’s working on it.

A good piece of Direct Mail could be anything from a traditional Post Card with a beautiful design to a more complex project in an utterly unique custom shape.

So, have you ever been tempted to produce a stunning Direct Mail promotion which is guaranteed to arrive through the letterboxes of your client list with a memorable BANG?

Here are ten of my favourite examples of creative Direct Mail Marketing Campaigns which may provide some inspiration for your next delivery…

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