The smartest and simplest way to boost business loyalty and rapidly increase the frequency of your customer visits.

Creative Loyalty Card campaigns.TODAY’S MISSION:
Get your customers to feel a genuine sense of loyalty and connection to your business.
Get them to only think about your business whenever they need the products and services you deliver.
Get them to visit your business more frequently and spend much more every year.

A set of Loyalty Reward Cards.
A custom Self-Inking Stamp.
A simple idea.
A bowl of Froot Loops (optional).

Can it really be that easy?

The quick answer is yes.
Loyalty Reward campaigns are dead easy to set up and work brilliantly.

And they’re not just for coffee shops and bars, either.

Pretty much any smart business can take advantage of this super-strategy and deliver a compelling incentive to get your customers coming back frequently to collect their stamps and claim their reward.

If you’re in a hurry and can’t wait to get started, I’ll quickly point out that Martin Print can provide you with the complete package – the Loyalty Cards, the Custom Self-Inking Stamp, the professional artwork and even the idea!
(Just not the Froot Loops.)
These bundles are not yet available from our website, but just get in touch with us for a very special introductory quote.

If you have a little more time to spare, I’ll be taking a look at some particularly creative ideas for Loyalty Reward campaigns in just a second or two.

But first, I’d just like to quickly explain why they work so tremendously well…

Best ever Loyalty Card designs.Incentivize Your Customers

Old Bert, our mostly friendly resident caretaker, only has one Loyalty Reward Card in his wallet.
It’s for the Hardware Store just around the corner.

He always come bounding into the Martin Print office after he’s just popped down and picked up his latest Stamp.
I’m convinced he buys things he doesn’t really need – I mean, what is he even planning to do with that Baby Reindeer Car Harness? – but he’s just simply determined to collect all 10 Stamps and claim his free Electric Banana Slicer.

Ok, that was an extreme and slightly silly example.
Here’s a slightly more serious thought.

Sometimes, even if you run the most amazing business in the world, people are naturally inclined to forget about you.
It’s nothing personal. Sometimes ‘real life’ gets in the way of people’s thinking – relationships, work, children, pets, milkshake flavours – and even the best of businesses can get nudged down the memory banks.

If similar products and services to your own can be bought elsewhere, it’s possible that even very happy customers may sometimes find it easier or more convenient to buy from your rivals now and then.
The customers may be delighted with you, but there’s no sense of genuine loyalty there yet. No strong connection to your business alone.

A good Loyalty Reward scheme instills that deep-rooted loyalty and unwavering connection.
By stamping your customer’s Loyalty Card every time they make a purchase from your business, you’re giving them a compelling reason to keep on coming back to collect all the stamps and claim their ultimate reward.

In a sense, you’re offering them a strong investment in every regular purchase they make from you.

Whenever they’re next in need of your products or services, they’ll be far more likely to instinctively dismiss the thought of shopping elsewhere because your business and your loyalty scheme and your frequency bonus will be top of mind.

You’ve just got yourself some totally committed customers.

Loyalty Card campaigns are not just for coffee shops.What can my business offer as a Reward?

It’s a common mistake to believe that Loyalty Reward Cards are only for coffee shops, bars, restaurants, cafes etc.

You know the sort of thing.
Collect 10 stamps, and claim your next coffee, drink, or snack for free.

They’re certainly a very popular option for these types of business. Almost a no-brainer, in fact.

But you don’t have to be serving coffee to set up a smart Loyalty Reward scheme.

Pretty much any business should be able to think of a suitable incentive which fits in nicely with the services you deliver.

A free appointment or consultation or session?
A free product or free mystery gift?
A tasty discount on their next order?

All it takes is one great simple idea to get the ball rolling.
After you’ve come up with your winning idea, now is the time to treat yourself to that optional bowl of Froot Loops.

Loyalty Reward Cards with your custom self-inking stamp.Crafting a creative Loyalty Campaign

One of the best things about this whole idea is that, unlike some other technical and long-winded marketing strategies, this one is so easy and quick to set up.

You’ll need a set of gorgeous Loyalty Cards with a slice of professional artwork on the front and some enticing circles on the back, all ready for stamping.

Don’t go for a cheap DIY option here.
These cards need to look special, stand up to regular use, and feel like something that your customer will want to happily keep on their person and show off to friends.

So go for professional design and strong sturdy stock.
Bear in mind that the ‘stamping’ side of the card needs to be produced on uncoated stock otherwise the stamp ink is likely to rub off very easily and possibly create a few quite grumpy customers!

Beautiful Business CardsYou’ll also need a good quality Self-Inking Stamp custom-designed with your own artwork, logo, or text if you prefer.

One of my top recommended choices is the Shiny S520 Self-Inking Stamp. The 20 x 20mm die plate is perfect for most business designs, and this tough heavy-duty stamp is all ready to deliver thousands of crystal-clear impressions in a range of colours.

However, there are plenty of other Stamps available, so feel free to take a good look around before reaching your final decision.

Now you’ve got the beautiful cards.
You’ve got the high-quality Stamp.
You’ve eaten the optional Froot Loops.
It’s time to get promoting your campaign, get dishing out those cards, and choose your best stamping hand!

A final quick reminder that Martin Print can oversee everything and provide you with the complete Loyalty Reward Bundle at a very special introductory price.
So get in touch if you’d like us to put together your idea, your cards, your custom stamp, and all your artwork.

In the meantime, here’s a selection of some of the most creative and stylish examples of Loyalty Cards to help you get inspired….


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