Opening up the very best Direct Mail marketing campaigns of all time.


Opening up the very best Direct Mail marketing campaigns of all time.You have mail.
Not just a boring old email, though. We get way too many of those every day.

I mean proper mail.
A package or Flyer or surprise gift that you can physically hold in your hand.

That’s got to be more interesting and intriguing than yet another bunch of emails popping up on your screen.

Some business owners may believe that the digital revolution has rendered Direct Mail marketing campaigns redundant.
It’s certainly a bit cheaper and easier to fire off a few quick emails to your leads and customers.

But this is the exciting thing about Direct Mail marketing today.
Not many people can be bothered to do it anymore. Which means that your beautiful slice of post is going to stand out even more in the mailbox.

This is your golden opportunity to deliver something refreshingly real and tactile.
Introduce yourself and your business. Communicate a key message. Promote a valuable offer.

The very best Direct Mail campaigns are often a combination of creative thinking, gorgeous design, and crystal-clear messaging.

Get in touch if you’d like a team of professional graphic artists to help brainstorm your next project.

In the meantime, here’s a small showcase of some of the most brilliant examples of Direct Mail marketing from all over the world…

The Sound of The Sea

This is an opportunity for your business to deliver something refreshingly real and tactile.We’re always trying to encourage Old Bert to go on holiday.
He hasn’t taken a proper one for years. We’d love to have a well-deserved break from him.
Sorry, I meant to say we’d love to see him have a well-deserved break.

This Direct Mail campaign from Voyanger might just do the trick.
The enclosed Sea Shell is designed to seduce the recipient with thoughts and sounds of exotic holidays.

When you hold the Shell against your ear, a tiny hidden audio device springs into life and plays a recording of ocean waves, seagulls, and a concluding vocal call-to-action.

Technology and nature combining to provide a truly interactive marketing experience.
It’s got to be worth a shot…


The very best Direct Mail campaigns are often a combination of creative thinking, gorgeous design, and crystal-clear messaging.Hell Pizza

This New Zealand-based pizza chain was started in 1996 in the Kelburn area before branching out worldwide.

What makes their direct mail ideas so brilliant and compelling is that they tend to venture into the oriental with a mystical bent to their packaging and presentation.

In this particularly impressive Direct Mail campaign, Hell Pizza came up with the concept of Mis-Fortune Cookies, featuring much darker and weirder messages than the conventional Chinese variety.

Another spooky campaign launched in Canada turned the Pizza Box into a Ouija Board!


Free (Fake) Money!

 Simply amazing Direct Mail campaigns.Perry Process is a global firm that deals with used processing plants and equipment.
This particular direct mail idea  was focused on encouraging manufacturing companies to sell their unwanted or surplus process equipment to them in exchange for cash.

The ‘Don’t Ignore It’ campaign had a shock factor to it.
The firm included fake money inserts in the mail to grab their recipient’s attention.

Don’t Throw Away Your Money! was the warning headline that greeted the recipient when the Flyer was folded out.
(Old Bert has translated this for you from the only image we had available. I hope he got this right.)

The Flyer also doubled-up as a free postcard which is a very nice touch.
This campaign combined a powerful visual sense with an incredible symbolism that was sure to grab their target market’s attention.


A New Spin on Marketing

What was the last interesting thing your business sent through the mail?Griffiths, Gibson, and Ramsay Productions started a music production house before expanding into comedy, sound, radio production, design, audio,  and post-digital recording studio.

In this direct mail campaign, the firm chose to create a working record player made out of recycled cardboard materials.
The sheer combination of vintage, eco-friendly creativity, good music, and impressive packaging made this direct mail one of the finest ever produced.

Most of the recipients were so impressed that the agencies who received the record players requested for more to take to their kids back at home.


Planet Kids
demand more attention with your next beautiful marketing campaign… Planet Kids is an Indian based preschool learning environment that seeks to create in children a positive view of education and passion for exploration rather than mere cramming of facts.

This campaign stayed true to their out-of-the-box thinking.
The ‘invite-that-talks-back’ was a direct mail idea presented on hand puppets made from A4 sized paper.

The idea behind the message was to excite the young kids long enough to inspire them to share the invites with their parents.

It’s a combination of a brilliant medium, using what you know, and relying on gifted graphic designers to drive the message home.
Well, quite literally.


Who Turned Off The Lights?

Best ever Direct Mail marketing campaigns.Every year the WWF designates an earth hour.
In the initiative, everyone is challenged to switch off the lights for one hour as a means of sensitizing people to the amount of power wasted and its impact on the society, environment and the economies around the world.

In this direct mail campaign, the recipient is encouraged to pull a ‘candle’ from the building-shaped packaging to create the impression that the lights have gone out.

It’s one of the cleverest eco-positive, direct mail campaigns combining creativity, powerful symbolism and a clear call to action.


So what’s the most interesting thing you’ve ever received in the mail?
And more importantly, what’s the most interesting thing you’ve ever sent in the mail?

Feel free to get in touch if you’re feeling inspired to demand more attention with your next beautiful marketing campaign… 

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