15 of the Funniest Tattoo Disasters Ever Committed to Skin.


The biggest Tattoo disasters ever.Old Bert has got a new Tattoo.

Yes, I had to sit down for a minute as well.

The whole Martin Print team were pretty shocked by this latest announcement from our mostly friendly resident caretaker.
It’s surely far too late for Old Bert to be going through a mid-life crisis.

He came bounding into my office to roll up his sleeves and proudly show off the new branding on his arm.

It was a picture of Smurfette. The original lady Smurf.

I had no idea that Old Bert was such a fan of The Smurfs.
But it turns out that he’d never even heard of the Smurfs. He just thought it was a nice picture. He claimed that he never even noticed Smurfette was blue.

However, all was not quite as it first seemed….

Oscar, our Chief Printing Wizard, has been very busy down in the press, working on a range of all-new custom temporary tattoos from Martin Print, and Old Bert was closely involved in the testing phase.

Naturally, we all had a go when we found out about it.
Logan couldn’t decide whether he wanted something fierce and aggressive or something cute and cuddly.
He finally opted for a roaring Lion.
With a cheeky wink.

Head Design Guru Trish created her own beautiful artwork for the temporary tattoo. A gorgeous snapshot of wildlife decorated with elegant flowers and mysterious archways and curious creatures beneath the drifting clouds and a setting sun.

Me? I just went for a Hot Dog. I like Hot Dogs.

There are actually plenty of creative marketing uses for these paper transfer-based Tattoos printed in vivid full colour.
You have to admit that it’s a very unusual way of sharing a marketing message or design which is likely to be shown off frequently during that brief period of time.

New custom temporary tattoos from Martin Print.For example, they can be used as quirky attention-grabbing giveaways through the post or at exhibitions and events.

You could even consider branding your own staff at these events with your compelling artwork or a QR Code which provides further information after a point and click with a Smartphone.

Custom Temporary Tattoos are not yet available on our website, but get in touch with me via Live Chat if you’d like to discuss options on a very special pre-launch deal.

(Quick example – just $62.70 for a hundred 38 x38mm custom tattoos, or $478.50 for a thousand.
Lots of other custom sizes and quantities available – get in touch!)

Of course, the good thing about Temporary Tattoos is that they only last between 3 to 5 days.
But as we’re talking tattoos, let’s spare a though for these poor souls who ended up with a rather more permanent Tattoo which didn’t go quite as planned.

Here are 15 of the worst and funniest Tattoo Disasters you’re ever likely to see…


The worst Tattoo fails ever.

Hmm. Are you sure?


The biggest Tattoo Mistakes you’re likely to see.

It’s always handy to keep hold of your receipt for a while.
This bright young guy took this concept to the next level by having a McDonalds receipt tattooed onto his arm.

“Would you like any common sense with that?”


Never don't give up.

Needs final edit.


Aaargh! Make it go away!

Make it go away!


Test Tattoo.

Well, it’s a good idea to have a proper practise first.
Otherwise we might end up looking a bit silly.


Be afraid. Be very afraid.

Be afraid.
Be very afraid.


Roses are red.
I actually quite like this one.
For the guy’s sake, I just hope it stays funny for the next 70 years.


Glasses tattoo.

“So you want me to tattoo a pair of glasses onto your face?
Wouldn’t it be easier to just go and buy….never mind, take a seat.”


Bad tattoo decisions.




I feel as if a very nasty accident has been neatly summed up here in just four letters.


Where's Wally?

Adding a new twist to “Where’s Wally?”
I hope this is the only one she’s got and that there aren’t any too many more Wallys to hunt down…


Interactive Tattoos.

Another one that I actually quite like, here’s an interactive arm tattoo that only comes to life when pressed against the face.


One small step.

One small step for Man.
One giant backwards leap for Mankind.


Correcting tattoos with spelling errors.

Spelling mistakes in your original tattoo?
Never fear! There’s always a neat solution.


QR Codes are a good idea for custom temporary marketing tattoos. But please don’t make them permanent.

QR Codes are actually a clever idea for temporary marketing tattoos branded onto your team members.
But please don’t make them permanent.
And make sure you put them in a reasonably sensible place.


Share your own favourite examples of Tattoo Turkeys below!
And don’t forget to get in touch via Live Chat if you’d like to discuss a much more fruitful approach to skin-branding with a special pre-launch deals on new custom temporary tattoos from Martin Print.

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