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How to design a stunning Brochure for your stunning business.


Beautiful brochure designs and printing from Martin Print.What’s the best way of producing a beautiful cost-effective brochure that won’t break the bank?

What are the pitfalls we should strive to avoid, and what sort of results should we expect from this unique marketing media?
Well, let’s take an enticing peek within their glossy pages…..

Firstly, it’s important to bear in mind our target audience.
Brochures aren’t designed to be flung quite as far and wide as a Flyer or a Business Card.

A detailed and extensive brochure should have a more selective crowd in mind – existing customers certainly, and perhaps also potential clients who have already expressed some interest in doing business with you.

We also need to remember that a brochure isn’t necessarily designed to close a sale.
But they can work wonders in taking the pressure off a sale.
A well-produced brochure will give your customers an opportunity to study your products or services in detail, empowering them with greater confidence and understanding when it comes to closing that deal!

Beautiful brochure designs and printing from Martin Print.There’s no need to mortgage your grandmother and create a ridiculously expensive brochure, printed on the finest silk and emblazoned with diamonds.
But at the same time, don’t skimp on production either, it’s no good just cobbling any old rubbish together and hoping nobody will notice!
A professionally produced and superbly designed brochure may cost a lot less than you think – you don’t need to sell a kidney to establish a credible image with a quality brochure. Think creative design and flair over reckless extravagance!

Don’t be afraid to go into detail
This is an ideal marketing format to deliver as much information as you can, so take advantage of it!
Whilst there’s probably no need to inform your clients of what you had for breakfast this morning, it’s still a good idea to include a wealth of comprehensive material.
It’s a great opportunity to answer questions before they are even asked, to clearly illustrate benefits, perhaps even include testimonials or similar promoting material.

Beautiful brochure designs and printing from Martin Print.Communicate verbally and visually throughout the brochure.
Take the opportunity to show your great products or services in action.

You’ll have plenty of space to combine detailed text with attractive visual design, so make the most of both of these qualities!

Finally, don’t miss the chance to chance to interact with the customer!

Let them know that it’s only a tiny step for them to contact you directly, clearly illustrate the many simple and easy ways they can do this, perhaps even include a survey or similar interactive opportunity, so they’ll be making contact with you and creating a relationship, even if they’re not immediately after your service.


If you’d like any further guidance on how to create the perfect brochure, tailor-made for your unique business, simply get in touch with me via Live Chat below.
We’ll be more than happy to work closely with you in delivering a definitive polished design.

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