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Avoid the very common mistakes that could really mess up your business Logo Design.
Poor old Tim…

Tim’s line of business is supplying accessories for tortoises, so maybe it was fitting in a way that his new logo was destined to become the most slowly-developed design in history.

But now the waiting was over, and a crowd of onlookers down at Smokey Joe’s Business Bar gathered round to finally cast their eyes on the brand new Logo Design for Tim’s Tortoise Trimmings.

Sadly, there were no gasps of delight or whoops of appreciation.
After a few seconds, everyone made their polite excuses and congregated back round the electronic pub quiz machine to exchange hushed whispers on why the logo was such a disappointment.

Despite the fact that this business logo had been stuck in development hell for so long, the final result was still a massive failure and included a string of very common mistakes which have been ruining potential Logo Designs for far too long now.

A good Logo isn’t just a graphic or a pretty design or a tagline or a memorable picture.
It should be a professionally-crafted personality profile of yourself, your business, your products, or your services.

Here’s where so many amateur attempts go horribly wrong…

What’s the difference between a good business logo design and a bad business logo design?Over-Egging the Pudding
Some logo designs are deliciously clever and can contain very subtle reference or even hidden meanings.

But don’t get carried away with trying to be too clever.

Tim’s logo design brief had read like a short novel.
“The new logo must visually represent this, this, and this, whilst making an indirect suggestion of this, this, and this, and if you turn it upside down, it should convey an alternative message of this, this, and this, and…”

Let’s not over-complicate things.
If you take a look above at some of the longest-serving logo designs from some of the biggest companies in the world, you’ll see a common recurring theme.

Don’t confuse your audience with a cluttered design that is trying way too hard to do way too many things. It will fail on every level.

Be memorable and distinctive but keep it simple, straightforward and instantly digestible.


Missing the Target
Here’s another line from Tim’s very wordy brief for his Logo Design;

“The logo should be instantly understood and appreciated by everyone on the planet.”

Good luck with that, Tim.

It might seem like a reasonably good marketing idea to try and appeal to everyone, but you will usually end up not really answering the questions of anyone.

A better strategy would be to consider a design that specifically speaks very clearly to your target audience.


A good logo needs to be a personality profile of yourself, your business, your products, or your services.Missing the Point
A good Logo Design should naturally serve up at least some sort of quick visual pointer to the products or services your business can provide.

This may seem like a wild and crazy suggestion, but a graphical representation of a tortoise may have proved to be a fairly useful clue in the case of Tim’s Tortoise Trimmings.

Down at Smokey Joe’s Business Bar, we weren’t quite sure what to make of the massive spaceship that made it into the final design.

Make life easy for your own audience and don’t go off on an obscure tangent that leaves your audience largely baffled.


Lame Slogans
Of course, it’s not all about the imagery and graphics.
Many of the most memorable Logo Designs will also include an equally memorable slogan or tagline.

This is not something that should be rushed in a quick 5-minute pondering session whilst you’re waiting for the toast to pop up.

It can be a hugely important element of the whole design, and it’s often not given nearly enough serious consideration.

Tim’s ‘slogan’ was an over-descriptive slice of copy which dragged on for way too long. Not many potential customers would have bothered to make it to the end of the sentence.

Be original, intriguing, punchy, and catchy without losing the attention of your audience or making false promises that would be impossible to keep.


Vector Graphics Vs Raster Graphics – which format works best for business logo design?Vector Graphics vs Raster Graphics
Tim’s new Logo looked reasonably clear on certain types of promotional material that he was showing off down the bar.
But it looked absolutely dreadful, blurred, and pixelated on others.

The reason?
He had created the logo using Raster Graphics instead of Vector Graphics.

Raster Graphics are the very common files (ending in .jpg, .png, .bmp, .gif, .tif etc) which are based on a grid of pixels and become ‘stretched’ beyond recognition when re-sized.
This is why some logo designs appear pixelated and downright wrong when they are re-sized for printing on certain types of media.

You should instead always create your logo using Vector Graphics (ending in  .ai, .eps, .svg and some .pdf).
Vector Graphics are based on a mathematical formula rather than a grid of pixels, which means that your design can be re-sized to suit any media at all without risk of pesky pixelation.

So your business logo will look equally vivid on Business Cards, Brochures, Car Sign Magnets, huge Pull-Up Banners, and practically any other form of promotional media that you can think of.


Out of Stock
If you’re on a tight budget, you might consider using stock images or graphics from generic websites instead of hiring a professional designer to craft a totally original creation for your business.

Naturally, it’s entirely your call.
But here’s a word of warning;

Cheap graphics lifted from stock websites will always look like cheap graphics lifted from stock websites!

When you’re trying to impress your audience with a suggestion of good quality and excellence, those stock images or home-made designs are only likely to destroy the overall effect.

A professional business needs a professionally-crafted Logo produced by a talented and experienced team of professional graphic designers.Ideally, a professional business needs a professionally-crafted Logo produced by a talented and experienced team of professional graphic designers.


A genuinely beautiful and iconic new Logo for your business is not as expensive as you may think.
Check out the full details for the Martin Print Logo Design Service which offers a complete exhaustive package from initial artwork concepts to the final delivery of the Logo Design.


The low fixed rate of $295 includes the total dedication of our top designers, unlimited change requests, and zero risk of escalating fees.

And you can even split up the total cost of the service into 8 weekly bite-sized chunks of $36.88 by choosing the EasyPay option.


So, does your Business Logo tick all the right boxes without falling into any of the common traps?


Get in touch by Live Chat at the bottom of this page if you’d like me to send you a free PDF brochure containing a stack of beautiful logo designs that we’ve been creating for other businesses since 2001.

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