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nfc keytags

Custom Printed and Encoded NFC Key Tags

Opening Up New Digital Doors for Your Clients.

NFC Key Tag Samples
Our range of custom-designed NFC Key Tags gives your recipients the power to unlock incredible new digital features and functionality, all with just a simple tap from a Smartphone!

Produced from thick and durable PVC, with actual key ring included, our uniquely designed and branded NFC Keytags contain tiny customisable microchips which will deliver specific instructions to an NFC-enabled Smartphone with just one touch.

Direct your recipients to your Business Website, Social Media page, YouTube Channel, or any suitable slice of online content.

Your NFC Keytags could load up an App, play Music or Video content, bring up a Map showing handy directions to your business, or instruct the Smartphone to perform just about any function you can think of!

You can even configure your NFC Keytags to automatically import your business details into the contacts list of the recipient’s Smartphone, or set up an instant telephone call or SMS to your business.
All it takes is a simple tap, and the possibilities are almost endless!

New to the world of NFC? Don’t worry, it’s all very easy!
Discover how your business can add a new digital dimension to your stunningly designed marketing products!
Our quick and simple NFC Guide tells you everything you need to know!

Allow the Martin Print team to handle all the NFC encoding on your behalf, so that your Keytags arrive fully encoded and ready to go.

Alternatively, encode each individual Keytag yourself with a free and easy-to-use Smartphone App such as NXP Tagwriter.

Your custom-crafted NFC Keytags will ensure that your enhanced digital marketing power is always at the fingertips of your customer base.

nfc key tags

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