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sticky notes

Sticky Notes

Brilliant Sticky Marketing featuring your colourful custom designs.

Custom sticky notesOur range of brilliant custom-designed Sticky Notes present an ideal opportunity for you to get your branding into the small but important details of your customer’s daily routine, without hitting them over the head repeatedly with a gigantic billboard.

You can’t beat a bit of subtle marketing.

If your business design keeps cropping up on something useful that helps your clients tackle their day more efficiently, they won’t mind letting that image of your company stick around!

Talk to our experienced designers, and let’s get cracking with compelling concepts that will entice your customers to use your Sticky Notepad down to the very last leaf.

How about a unique quotation per leaf? Or cool illustrations that spring into animated action when the pad is flipped?

As ever, Martin Print will offer a wide range of options to best suit your needs. We’ll design your unique Sticky Notepad pad using 1, 2, or Full Colour processes, whichever works best for you.

You can also choose from just about any paper colour you like (although we do recommend using White if you decide to go with our Full Colour option.)

Plenty of other options and sizes are available!

Price (incl. GST):
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Select Size:
Paper Colour:
Paper Thickness:
1 Colour
2 Colours
Full Colour
Sheets per Pad:
  • One Additional PMS
  • Two Additional PMS
  • Trimming
  • Die Cut Shape (simple)
  • $140
  • $240
  • $15 per 100 pads
  • $300 + 20%
Artwork / Graphic Design:
  • I would like to upload press ready artwork
  • (PDF, EPS, High res Tiff, JPEG or Flattened PSD)
  • I would like to upload a Microsoft Word, Publisher or
  • Powerpoint file. Includes image enhancing if required.
  • I would like a professional graphic artist to create my design.
  • This is a re-print of a previous job with no changes.
  • This is a re-print with minor changes.
  • FREE
  • .
  • Add $19
  • .
  • Add $65
  • FREE
  • Add $19
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