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Which Custom Stickers for my business?

Quick guide to Glossy Stickers, Vinyl Stickers, Car Bumper Stickers, & more.


Glossy Paper Stickers

Custom Paper Glossy StickersA popular choice for indoor marketing.
Labelling every surface in sight with colourful Glossy Paper Stickers has long been a fun and everyday concept.

But if you apply this simple labelling strategy to savvy business marketing, it suddenly transforms into a surprisingly impressive promotional tool!

With these stickers, you’re able to burn an image of your own brand onto pretty much any indoor surface or object.
A piece of furniture, a bare wall, a door, a book cover…..practically anything can be transformed into a vehicle for marketing your business.

Stick it, label it, leave it. Simple.

Regular Glossy Paper Stickers are sold in blocks of 90 x 55mm size at a cost of $119 per 500. These can be trimmed to any size from 35 x 35mm to 420 x 297mm (A3 size).


All-Terrain Vinyl Stickers

Vinyl StickersIndustrial Strength. Weatherproof. Hardcore.

The Vinyl Sticker is our very special all-terrain version of our usual stickers, specifically designed for tough and durable outdoor promotional duties.

Upload your own designs, or get a crack team of designers to create something suitably dazzling for the outdoor crowds.


Printed full-colour on vinyl with UV coating, these super-strength weatherproof stickers will give you the confidence to perform your marketing magic throughout the seasons.

Rectangle, Square, Round and Oval shapes are available in this range, or simply request a quote for a custom shape.


Car Bumper Stickers

Car Bumper StickersMake sure that your attention-grabbing marketing messages go the full distance…
Bump up your promotional power and let your vehicle spread the word with custom-crafted Bumper Stickers.

These car-friendly stickers are UV/Water Resistant, and are available in a choice of formats and styles.
(Feel free to request a quote for custom shapes and sizes right here.)

It’s worth bearing in mind that white ink is only recommended for use on transparent or non-white stocks.

Upload your own artwork for free, or we can engineer a suitably dynamic new design that will hit the road in style.


Domed PVC Stickers

Domed PVC StickersNeed something extra special?
Domed PVC Stickers deliver an additional layer of reassuring premium quality to your business and brand.

Your stunning unique designs are printed onto a coated self adhesive stock, and then cut to almost any shape imaginable.

A generous coating of polyurethane is then poured on top to give the deluxe domed effect.

Base stock can include metallics and foils.

Square/Rectangle or Round/Oval domed stickers are availabe, or you can request a quote for other shapes and sizes.


Stickers on a Roll

Stickers on a RollAs a final tip, please roll up for the circular solution to your sticky business marketing!

Stickers on a Roll contain a handy perforation between each and every sticker. Quickly tear off your stickers individually or in strips of any size.

Perfect for tidy storage and convenient distribution of your Vinyl and Glossy Paper Stickers.

(Not available for Domed PVC Stickers.)

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