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The smart and simple way to boost customer loyalty and increase purchase frequency.

Loyalty Cards with Stamp

Gorgeous Loyalty Cards with Custom Self-Inking Stamp.
Everything you need to launch a Loyalty Reward scheme that works.

Loyalty Reward cards aren’t just for Coffee Shops, Bars, and Clubs.
Pretty much any business can offer a compelling incentive that’s going to get your best customers coming back more frequently to collect all their stamps and claim their ultimate reward.

A free appointment or consultation or session?
A free product or free mystery gift?
A tasty discount on their next order?

We can even help you with your idea, just get in touch!

This super-strategy will give your customers a strong investment in every regular purchase they make from you, and it’s so simple to set up.


Stock Selections:
These Eco-Friendly cards combine environmental awareness with all the whiteness and visual appeal of virgin fibre papers to really showcase your gorgeous design.
This stock is gloss coated on the front to provide bright and vivid colours for your main artwork. The back of the card is uncoated so the ink from your stamp drys fast and won’t smudge.


Select Your Stamp:
Shiny 820 Self Inking Stamp. 12x6mm imprint area.
Shiny Square S530 Self Inking Stamp. 30x30mm imprint area.
Shiny Square S542 Self Inking Stamp 42x42mm imprint area.
Shiny Square S520 Self Inking Stamp 20x20mm imprint area.
Shiny Handy Pocket S-722 Self Inking Stamp 14x38mm imprint area.
I don’t require a stamp.


Graphic Design:

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