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glossy stickers

Custom stickers printing from $49


Brilliant Custom Stickers Printed – Glossy Paper, Vinyl and Domed.

Spread your marketing magic indoors and outdoors!


Our custom-crafted collections of Glossy Paper Stickers, All-Terrain Vinyl Stickers, Domed PVC Stickers and Car Bumper Stickers have quite literally got all bases covered with marketing power that really sticks around.

Glossy Paper Stickers are recommended for burning your compelling image onto any indoor service or object.

Our Regular Glossy Paper Stickers are sold in blocks of 90 x 55mm size at a cost of $119 per 500. These can be trimmed to any size from 35 x 35mm to 420 x 297mm (A3 size).

custom stickersAll-Terrain Vinyl Stickers are our very special industrial strength version of our usual range, specifically designed for tough and durable outdoor promotional duties!

Printed full-colour on vinyl with UV coating, these super-strength weatherproof stickers will give you the confidence to perform your marketing magic throughout the seasons!

Rectangle, Square, Round and Oval shapes are available in this range, or simply request a quote for a custom shape.

Glossy stickers sample 2If you prefer to let your vehicle spread the word on your behalf, customised Car Bumper Stickers are also available to order below, produced from reassuringly durable and waterproof vinyl.

Domed stickers sample 3Finally, our lavish range of Domed PVC Stickers delivers a welcome luxurious twist to your crucial business marketing. Your stunning unique designs are printed onto a coated self adhesive stock and cut to almost any shape imaginable!

A generous coating of polyurethane is then poured on top to give the deluxe domed effect.
Base stock for your premium quality Domed PVC Stickers can include metallics and foils.

For custom sticker printing sizes and shapes of any kind, please just drop along to our Quotations page for a fast and accurate response to your unique requirements!

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Glossy Stickers
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Transparent All-Terrain Vinyl Stickers / Car Bumper Stickers
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Domed PVC Stickers
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45 x 45mm
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200 x 100mm
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